"Letting Her Go" single release

"You were a thorn in her garden, you were the rust on her chain..."

Have you ever watched someone you love get treated like CRAP by their partner? I watched my best friend struggle through an emotionally abusive relationship for years, and when she was finally through with him, I was really worried that he wouldn’t let her go. I thought he would find a way to manipulate her into staying with him, but he didn’t. He let her go. And although I can’t stand the guy for SO many reasons, I love him for letting her go.

I wrote the song "Letting Her Go" from the perspective of a friend watching a break-up. It's about the ending of my best friend’s toxic relationship with her JERK of an ex. She is now happily married to the most amazing guy, so I am so glad this ex-boyfriend let her go!

Take a listen to my song "Letting Her Go" here:


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